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“What sacrifices would you do for the future of humankind? “

Order from Caos is heavily inspired by classic JRPGs such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. There is around 30  hours of gameplay in the final product (if you want to complete 100% of the game) with many swords, spells, summons and more than 10 locations. Fantastic creatures and NPCs who will grant many quests along the way. The player must uncover secrets of this amazing world. What’s CAOS? What is his goal? Why does he live to destroy? Could ever be a connection between DAN, the main protagonist, and CAOS himself? How to cure DAN of his tragic illness?

The main characters will live their worst days and greatest moments trying to make the future look brighter to everyone else… even if it means sacrificing themselves for the greater good. They will live big changes in their lives and also will be different people at the end of the game. The player will be able to meet these new friends and see how the whole story unfolds. 

You’re invited to come to this dangerous world and live this emotional epic tale of friendship, love and honor.

Come and see that the best things in life are meant to be shared and don’t wait for tomorrow to say what’s important for you. 


We’ll never give up even if we can

We’ll try so hard to win that only heroes may understand

Fate might be dark and filled with fear

But as long as you are with me I’ll shed no tear

The wind must blow toward the place I must go

The sky is cloudy but I’m not blind

Even if the chosen path remains unknown

We must hurry for there is no time

My hourglass is broken

And I don’t know your name

The right words are yet to be spoken

We remain the same

Life is sad and mean to me

Caos cannot rule the land

Order is far from here

We must fight this battle until the end!

The swords are held high

The place we must fight is settled

We have to protect our kind

This is our Last Battle!


White Vortex is an independent game studio that has two developers, Renan Barreto and Tiago Neri. The first game we released was Order from Caos, a turn-based RPG available on STEAM for PC. The game took 2,000 hours to be finished by Renan. As of 2021, Tiago Neri brings his expertise in programming to bring to the public Hidden Shelter, also available on Steam.


Send me an email: contato@whitevortex.com.br 

I'll love to chat about RPG and hear the feedbacks. 




Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Hello! I want to download and install your game through itch.io client, but cannot seem to find a file. Would you please help?

Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it.