Backroom Beyond is going to be available on July 8th

Backroom Beyond is a first-person game that mixes puzzles with single-player adventure in a dark, harrowing environment that makes the player question the protagonist's sanity. Based on the internet myth, Backroom Beyond goes further and makes the player wonder if that journey is about something more personal than anything else.

The narrative has two main points. Drawings tell part of the game's story on the walls. The drawings have no defined authorship, which gives them an extra degree of strangeness. The second point is the existence of The Guide, a being that instigates the players to think about their actions in real life.

The game basically has one objective throughout its 40-level journey: place the red box over the red button and open the door to the next level. It seems simple at first, but it's not. Each environment has its own logic. If the players feel frustrated because something went wrong in their strategy, they can press the “wake up again" button, which will return them to the beginning of the level.

Each scenario has a part of the story to be told, whether in the subway, in the snow, in the house, or in an actual backroom. Each place has its dose of tension and wonder.

The theme song chosen is Pérolas Irregulares (Irregular Pearls) by the band Terceiro Mundo Bom (Third Good World), whose clip has many similarities with the game's project.

“I created this game because I could bring my contribution to the world of backrooms, which I was fascinated by. This myth has everything to do with the stories I tell about the existence of realities and universes that coexist and can collide. The story I set out to tell in Backroom Beyond is fragmented in a way that the player will need to interpret many of the elements. After all, who is The Guide? Who wrote on the walls? Has anyone been there before? Is it possible to leave?”, says Renan Barreto, creator of the game. “And being able to put in the game the song Pérolas Irregulares played by the band Terceiro Mundo Bom, which I'm a fan of is incredible. I could not be happier. The song and the video match very well with the proposal of the story and I would say that both complement each other”.

Backroom Beyond will be available on Steam and on July 8th for Windows PC.

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